Product Development

It’s your choice...

You can either give us your formulation for manufacture, or allow us to develop a unique formula for you, based on your needs and specific requirements.

Product development is a service we’re very proud of.

And it’s an important and growing part of our business. It stretches our creativity and keeps us at the cutting edge of commercial trends and technology.

Designing and creating a new product includes all aspects of research and development from initial creation, through testing and samples, to final delivery of a finished product.

As that process unfolds, we provide detailed cost estimates and supporting data for our clients, as well as technical information like...

  • Ingredient Listings (INCI)
  • Specs and other data on raw materials
  • Certificate of Analysis on finished goods
  • Supply of the finished goods Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) required by NSW Workcover
  • Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)
  • Product stability studies and results
  • Certificate of Free Sales and Certificate of Origin from the Australian Business Chamber (a small charge applies)

…just to mention a few.



Trust is often hard-won and easily lost.

Our clients’ trust and their confidence in our business ethics and practices is paramount. We won’t compromise it... ever!

All formulations and other proprietary information provided to Delta Laboratories is strictly confidential. It’s held under tight security conditions on a strictly “need to know” basis. And it’s never shared outside our company.

Confidential information is also formally and legally protected by a Deed of Confidentiality signed by all interested parties.

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